Pro Club

The Pro Club is a program to reward consistent performance in Storybook Brawl tournaments throughout the year. Performances in SBBMonthly qualifier tournaments and seasonal Championships earn Pro Points, tracked on the Pro Club leaderboard page. Pro Club members recieve a boosted start at SBBMonthlies, in addition to other benefits.

Pro Club benefits

There are currently three Pro Club status tiers - Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Status Pro Points
Bronze 10
Silver 20
Gold 30

After achieving a Pro Club status eligibility, your Club member status will be announced. Bonus SBBMonthly points are applied to all following events in the 2022 season, and all events for the 2023 season.

Bronze status

Silver status

Gold status

*Note: The Pro Club in-game nameplates are not quite ready, we appreciate your patience while we get those implemented as soon as possible.

Pro Points

Points are awarded based on finish in most 2022 Organized play events, as follows:


Finish Pro Points
Day One 1
Day Two 2
Top 64 4
Top 16 5
Champion 6

Seasonal Championships

Finish Pro Points
Top 8 1
Top 4 2
Champion 3

Points are added to the Pro Club leaderboard after the event is complete.


Players who missed a finish threshold on tiebreakers are awarded Pro Points equal to that finish.

For example, Gwen places 64th and Merlin places 66th in the same event, but both have the same leaderboard points. Merlin also recieves 4 Pro Points.

Likewise, players who qualify for an SBBMonthly (by reaching Mythic rank the month before) but who don't participate still recieve the Day One point for that event.

Alternate Pro Club status routes

While Pro Club eligibility is typically earned through aquiring Pro Points, the following achievements earn Pro Club statusus directly: