Organized Play FAQ

What is Storybook Brawl's organized play schedule for 2022?

Spring Season
December 2021: Qualifier
January 2022: Qualifier
February 2022: Qualifier
March 2022: Spring Championship
Summer Season
April 2022: Qualifier
May 2022: Qualifier
June 2022: Qualifier
July 2022: Summer Championship
Fall Season
July 2022: Qualifier
August 2022: Qualifier
September 2022: Qualifier
October 2022: Qualifier
November 2022: Fall Championship
World Championship
December 2022: World Championship

Find more details in this year's organized play announcement.

How can I play in one of Storybook Brawl's tournaments?

When you finish a month in Mythic ranking on ladder (4,000+ points), you are eligible to participate in the next Championship Qualifier.

Placing in the top 8 of a Qualifier will make you eligible for that season's Championship.

Our tournaments are managed through Discord, so you must also pair your Discord and Storybook Brawl names. A couple weeks before each tournament, the tournament organizers (TOs) will contact eligible Discord-registered players to officially sign up for the event.

How do I pair my Discord and Storybook Brawl names?

We use a bot to manage this process. In the #tournament-signup Discord channel, use the !signup bot command to share your in-game name (IGN) with the bot (this currently matches your Steam display name), like this:
!signup MyUserName

If your IGN has spaces in it, you must wrap your name in quotes like this:
!signup “My User Name”

The bot will comment back to confirm your registration.

You do not need to register each month, pairing your names once is enough. If you change your IGN (or need to fix your registration), you can reuse the command to pair the new name with your Discord name. Only one IGN can be paired with your Discord name.

How can I change my in-game name?

IGNs currently use your Steam account's display name. You can change your display name through the settings found on your Steam profile page. Be sure to update your bot registration to match.

I am registered and I reached Mythic last month, how will I be contacted to sign up for the next tournament?

The TOs will give the @Tournament Competitor role to everyone on the Mythic-ranked list with paired Discord names. This role gives access to the private channels used to run the tournaments. The role will be pinged to let everyone know they have access.

The TOs will post the list of Day One flight times in the tournament announcements channel. To officially sign up for the event, you must pick a Day One flight and react to the announcement with the corresponding emoji. That's it, super simple!

The TOs will give a deadline, after which all flight signups will be locked and new reactions will not be processed. If you miss signing up you will not be able to play in the tournament.

What is a “flight”? Why are there different sign up times? How long does a flight last?

There are a large number of players in the Qualifiers, who come from all over the world. To let as many participate as possible, we offer flexible scheduling for Day One rounds.

Each flight is essentially a mini-tournament. You play your rounds with only the other players signed up for your flight. The other flights likewise run as isolated events throughout Friday and Saturday. Each flight should run approximately 5 hours.

A point threshold will be announced by the start of the first Day One flight. Players across all flights who reach that threshold or higher may participate together in Sunday's Day Two.

Can I change the flight I signed up for?

Yes, just de-select your original reaction and then choose a new one before the deadline.

I qualified with two accounts, can I sign both up for the tournament?

No, individuals may only participate using one eligible account.

I didn't get the role and channel access, what do I do?

The TOs will announce in the public #tournament-info channel when they have assigned roles for the upcoming event. If you are eligible and registered but we missed assigning you, please ping @Tournament Admin in the #tournament-general channel so a head TO can look into it.

If you are eligible but haven't registered with the !signup command yet, please do so first and then ping @Tournament Admin.

Please be patient, these will need to be processed manually when a TO is available.

I only just found out about the tournament, I'm eligible but it's close to the event. Can I still play?

Generally, yes - if it's early enough you can still register. Check the event's signup announcement in Discord, will be edited once signups are closed.

What else do I need to do before the tournament?

There shouldn't be much else until the day of the event. Pay attention to the TOs' announcements, they may give further instructions - you may want to enable 'all messages' notifications for the private #event-announcements channel until the event finishes.

Before your Day One flight is scheduled to begin, your TO will post a check-in announcement. React to it with the noted emoji to confirm that you will be participating. Anyone who doesn't check in before their flight starts will not be able to play.

Find more details about day-of event procedures in these player docs.