Bot Commands

A custom Discord bot helps manage Storybook Brawl tournaments. Players may use the following commands.


In the #tournament-signup Discord channel, use the !signup bot command to share your in-game name (IGN) with the bot (this currently matches your Steam display name), like this:
!signup MyUserName
The bot will reply to confirm your registration.
(Optional) If you would like to set your country, you can use the country command like this: !country :country-flag-emote:

Event commands

When you finish a match, report your placement in your pod's channel with the !finish # bot command (ex. !finish 3).
If you report the wrong placement, you may update it by reusing the command.
If you wish to drop from a tournament before completing your rounds, use the !drop bot command in your current pod's channel after reporting your placement.
If you change your mind, the TO may undo your drop before the next round is generated.